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Balancing & Alignment

RMS Balancing and Alignment Services: Routine Machinery Assessment Surveys & Reports Machinery Troubleshooting,
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Balancing & Alignment

Imbalance & Misalignment are the most common faults found in rotating equipment. Improved balancing and alignment is proven to significantly extend the life of your assets. At RMS, we can find out This root-cause, and using PdM techniques bhelp  maximize the reliability and availability of your production assets.

The Advantages of  precision shaft alignments and rotor balancing help

  • Reduce vibration,
  • Reduce machine component wear
  • Minimize power consumption
  • Extend machine life.


 Laser alignment

We attach sensor heads to the coupled shafts. and a Laser beams emits from each sensor head across the  sensors path. Each shaft position is measured in relation to the other shaft by rotating the two shafts. Shaft misalignment is calculated from the position of each laser beam on its respective target, at a range of angular positions of the laser heads. The position of each laser beam on its target transmits from each sensor head to the CSI 2130 analyzer through direct cable communication until the shafts axis are in full 360 degree alignment


Imbalance generates high vibrations at rotating speed (1 order). It occurs when the centerline of a shaft does not correspond with the mass centerline.

RMS uses the CSI 2130 advanced analyser for balancing. It will typically take 3 machine run & stops to solve a balance problem.


Documents for this section are:

  Laser_alignment_using_the CSI_2140.pdf (1.06 MB)


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