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Condition Monitoring Oil Pod from Luneta


Condition Monitoring Oil Pod from Luneta

NEW ! The fantastic Condition Monitoring Oil Pod from Luneta is the next generation in machinery inspection and fault detection. Built in oil sampling port, magnetic plug, corrosion rods and 3D sight glass. Click here for more info



The CMP is a multi-parameter inspection pod that greatly modernizes and expands lubricant condition monitoring. Best applications include gearboxes, sumps, reservoirs and low pressure systems where high levels of reliability are critical.




The CMP extends the capabilities of the traditional sight glass to enable so much more than just visual oil inspection. Oil sampling, magnetic plug, cross-hairs, and a quick lubricant point provide the ultimate in versatility.

Early Fault Detection


Early detection of machine faults and abnormal wear is key for machine reliability. The CMP enables daily inspections across numerous critical parameters and delivers a huge benefit over less frequent condition monitoring activities.

Comparison Table

Columnar Level Gauge
Window Sight Glass Level Gauge
3D Sight Glass Level Gauge
Accurate oil level detection check-green-25
View oil level from multiple angles
Vent NOT required (risk of plugging and contamination ingression)
Ability to easily view oil color (wrong oil, oil oxidation, etc.)
Ability to detect oil surface foam and entrained air
Ability to detect emulsified water contamination by visual method
Includes a magnetic plug for easy, visual wear debris inspection
Includes convenient access to the magnet for cleaning and collection of particles for microscopic wear particle analysis
Includes trap for convenient collection and inspection of non-magnetic sediment and sludge
Includes a live-zone oil sampling valve
Includes an inspection rod for quick confirmation of corrosion suppression of oil-wet machine surfaces
Includes an inspection rod for quick confirmation of corrosion suppression of NON-oil-wet machine surfaces
Includes an inspection rod for quick detection of varnish deposits
Quick-port to enable easy syringe samples for simple field tests (blotter, surface tension, crackle test, etc.)
Quick-port access for portable instrument probe inspections (water contamination, dielectric constant, viscosity, etc.)
Quick-release of inspection bowl for easy cleaning


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